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Operation mode:Input:12/24/48VDC ; Output:220V Single-Phase

Application area:Solar power, wind power; mobile office, post and communications, alarm systems, lighting systems, telecommunications, shopping malls, hotels, Banks, restaurants, hospitals, household appliances, etc

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♦  Microcomputer intelligent power frequency pure sine wave inverter, is the most advanced DC-AC inverter all of the world, CPU control, user-friendly design,automatically work, mains automatically reboot. Using internal PWM mode with a high-power (BOOST) converting circuit and synchronous rectifier charging circuit,using three-stage (constant current, constant voltage, float) charging mode for charging, always keep the battery has sufficient power, with mains & generators perfect match.

♦  Inverter supply AC power to the load when the input AC power failure, less than 10ms the inverter automatically switch to DC battery mode, keep continuously supply the power without shut down. Simple for installation, stable for operation, silence running, no pollution.

♦  From the structural design, the compact inverter design which not only can be flat placed and also can be locked on the wall (wall-mounted);

♦  From the electrical performance, inverter control of single phase output pure sine wave to supply the load;

♦  From the reliability, inverter work in hot and humid environment (ambient temperature 40℃, relative humidity of 90%) can be normal work continuously, and can be adapted to the harsh loads, such as pumps and air compressor;

♦  Inverter after the increase in electricity charging function, you can use it as a line-interactive UPS. Therefore, there is a wide range of applications.

♦  Fast conversion time: AC to DC less than 10 ms, 10 ms DC to AC converter (router, computer, server room, ATM teller machines and cash registers will not automatically restart when power failure);

♦  Perfect protection function: short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection and overcharge protection;

♦  Reasonably accurate control: MCU control system judges and issued a directive to provide a reasonable power supply to the load. Different loads with different power supply mode, both to ensure reliability of electrical loads as well as protect the inverter sure be in fair use;

♦  Sufficient power margin: Our inverter power devices, such as: transistors and transformers, which are larger than standard selection of inverter rated power, thereby improving the reliability of the service life of the inverter;

♦  Highly adaptable to various loads: either resistive load (such as incandescent, electric wire, etc.), capacitive loads (such as computers, televisions, etc.) or inductive loads (such as pumps, refrigerators, washing machines, air compressors, etc.), all mixed loads can be smoothly running;

♦  High reliability of the product itself: the inverter itself has output short circuit protection, over temperature protection, overload protection, battery overcharge protection, battery over-discharge protection, and many other conservation measures, and even user error, wrong load or mains, The inverter will not be damaged, just cut off the output, not to continue to supply. Thus significant savings in maintenance costs;

♦  On the hot and humid environment adaptability: The inverter can be above the national standard of 40℃,relative humidity of 90% continuous operation;

♦  A variety of interface options: digital color display and LCD display. Suitable for different user groups, for LCD display of the inverter, the user operability stronger, you can display some of the key parameters of the inverter are set, such as a charging current, battery type etc.;

♦  Improve the battery life: for different types of batteries, set up a different way of charging. For each set of batteries, inverter can adjust the battery charge and discharge protection point according to the load capacity and battery capacity;

♦  Reverse battery protection: This feature is optional, user selection, even if the operation errors, the reverse battery, inverter and batteries will not be damaged;

♦  Intelligent thermal control: The inverter is forced air cooling, but not often turn the cooling fan, but by detecting the internal chassis temperature controlled fan spins. Thus extend the life of the fan, improve the reliability of the inverter;

♦   Stand-alone and remote communication: communication function is optional. For users of stand-alone communication, you can choose RS232 or USB interface. Users who need remote communications, you need to configure SNMP card;

♦   It can be used in car: thanks to compact design, high temperature characteristics of the load and withstand the rigors of the inverter can be installed in car use (such as RVs, Motorhomes, Carvans), providing power protection for long-distance travel.

Solar power, wind power; mobile office, post and communications, alarm systems, lighting systems, telecommunications, shopping malls, hotels, Banks, restaurants, hospitals, household appliances, etc

Model No.PRC-PSW
Out Power400W800W1200W1600W2400W3200W4000W5000W
Peak Power1200W2400W3600W4800W7200W9600W12000W15000W
DC Input voltage12V / 24V / 48V24V / 48V48V
DC voltage range10-16V/20-32V/40-64V20-32V / 40-64V40-64V
Battery over voltage16V / 32V / 64V32V / 64V64V
Charge current20A30A50A
AC Bypass80-140V/160-265V
Input frequency38-65HZ
Output waveformPure sine wave
Overload protection100%-120% >lmin auto shut; 120%-150% >30s auto  shut; above 150% >3s auto shut
Over voltage pointHigher than 160V (for 110V level) or 265V (for 220V  level) auto switch to battery mode
Lack voltage pointlower than 80V (for 110V level) or 160V (for 220V  level), auto switch to battery mode
Transfer timeAC to DC <10ms; DC to AC <10ms
AC efficiency> 95%
PF Power factor1
Nominal voltage110V (120V ) or 220V ( 230V )
Inverter  mode output voltage± 10%
Inverter  mode output frequency60Hz/50Hz ± 1%
Inverter efficiency> 85%
Short circuit protection< 3s
Working temperature-10℃ 〜40℃
Storage temperature-20℃ 〜50℃
Working humidity0% 〜95% Non-condensing
Noise level<40dB (lm)
LCD DisplayLanguage, Battery, Charger current, Power saving  mode, Selectable
Product size(mm)450 x 190 x 190570 x 260 x 190590x260x200
Size of packing(cm)57.0 x 29.0 x 25.066.0 x 31.0 x 27.068x31x28
Gross weight12.6kg16.6kg23kg26kg30kg38kg41kg47.1kg
Net weight10.0kg14.5kg21kg23kg27.6kg35kg38kg45.2kg
Backup timebackup time ( H ) = Battery capacity ( Ah ) ÷  Discharge current ( A )
Battery connectionExternal battery

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